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Cuentas Financieras de la Economía Española (1984-2020)


The Financial Accounts of the Spanish Economy includes annual/quarterly series on financial and non-financial flows in the Spanish economy. This edition is divided into two chapters:

Chapter 1 summarises the non-financial national accounts by the Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE). The data for the latest year may include some Banco de España estimates of data not yet compiled by the original source.

Chapter 2 focuses on the financial accounts proper and contains the financial balance sheets and financial transaction accounts for the sectors and subsectors of the Spanish economy.

In 2021 the Bank of Spain discontinued its annual publication "Financial Accounts of the Spanish Economy". Both the methodological section and the time series of these statistics have been made available to users through other channels and formats, and it was considered advisable to unify the information disseminated.

There is an English version with the title Financial Accounts of the Spanish Economy.


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Showing items 11 to 20 of 33