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The quest for nominal and real convergence through integration in Europe and Latin America

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Over the last decade economic integration has advanced in both areas, and this has been seen as an opportunity for real convergence in Latin America and in the European periphery. But our approach emphasises that integration has to be supplemented by macroeconomic stability and structural reform. Focusing on these aspects, this work compares both experiences which, while very diverse in nature, depth and scope, may however offer through their differences and analogies interesting insights, especially for Latin America, as the degree of integration in Europe is much more advanced. The conclusions point to the need for a further effort in Latin America to achieve the fruits of reasonable policies, in order to compensate for the robust institutional underpinnings from which the European periphery has benefited. Thus, at the current juncture, as Latin America looks back with mixed feelings on the past decade, perseverance and determination in pursuing reforms are called for
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Documentos de trabajo / Banco de España, 0213
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