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Boletín de Operaciones (2003-2018)


The Boletín de Operaciones provided daily information on the interbank market, the official euro exchange rates against other currencies and details on present and future issues in the primary public debt market.

This publication dates back to 1988 when the content was included in the Boletín de la Central de Anotaciones: Deuda Pública. In May 2003, due to the acquisition of the Book-entry System by Iberclear, the old bulletin was divided into two bulletins: Boletín del Mercado de Deuda Pública and Boletín de Operaciones.

This Bulletin was published only in Spanish. The Banco de España is discontinuing this publication from 16 April 2018.

For ease consultation, it has been grouped each year into a ZIP.

To complete the information, it is also possible to access to the Historical series of public debt and money market (1988-2018).


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